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Researcher Chefs Association

The Researcher Chefs Association was established 2010, 7th of July. As it is understood from this name, the aim of the association is to search and develop both Turkish and world cuisines for future generations. It is also our purpose to authenticate the researches and introduce both Turkish cuisine and culture in the international competitons. The priority task of the association is ensuring the protection of standarts of the Turkish cuisine, modernize old flavors, and use them. In addition, other countries, unfortunately, do not pronounce our country's cuisine with the original names, especially in international competitions. Therefore, we try to launch awareness campaingns and provide necessary information to our friends who work in abroad countries and complete in international competitions.

Information and Contact

Association Name : Researcher Chefs Association
Association President : Turgut AY
Address : 50.Yıl Mah. 2147.Sok. No: 15 /1-A Sultangazi, İstanbul
Phone : 0212-294 9928
Contact :
Researcher Chefs Association
Researcher Chefs Association President Turgut AY
Turgut AY