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Istanbul Gastronomy Festival Judge President


Ralf B.Meneghini is an excellent and high qualified German Master Chef with over 30 years experienced in high kitchen quality.He born in Berlin and he is 51 years old. First, he learned pastry chef and bakery , afterwards he qualified as Chef. He worked 10 years in different countries as Spain, Greece, Swithzerland, Austria, Asia. Furthermore, on the highest cruise line companies for many years and in Five Star Hotels as Executive Chef as excellent Manager cheerfully. In the moment, he work as cooking coach and seminar instructer in development in food concepsts cook and chill sous-vide and also cooking shows on trade fairs all over the world. Proffesor at the university for Food Management and Culinaristic Development from. Many years in the board of the German Chefs Association. Vice Olympic Champion 2008. Manager from the National German Cooking Team. Member of lots of Cooking and Chefs associations. His philosophy is to give up experience, to share ideas and change with another. Develop new things. Convey the happiness of cooking.