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Prof. Dr. Woydt is in Istanbul Gastronomy Festival 2015 team


Prof. Dr Sabine Woydt, German Professor and Consultant in Business Adminıstration, worked in different ındustries before in 2007 she founded the study programme of Food Management at the Cooperative State University of Baden-Württemberg. Her university is located ın Heilbronn ( All students aspiring for a Bachelor’s degree have a company in the food industry (like farmers, bakeries, whole salers, restaurants and caterers) where they get a practical training during the months they don’t have lectures at the university. This dual form of higher education has a long tradition in Germany: combining the experience of professional practice with the theoretically based  instruction at school. For that students leaving this system are highly demanded employees. Professor Woydt’s intention is to provide an understandıng of good food quality with respect for all coproducers from farm to fork.